If you are looking for english speaking divers, diving instructors located in Poland, if you are looking for diving courses starting from basic diving course Open Water Diver, you came to the right place. We are a group of experienced divers and diving instructors - most of our dives were done in Poland, in cold waters. 4divers is an authorised PADI diving centre located in Warsaw. Come and visit us if you want to:
- buy a diving gear,
- rent a diving gear,
- service your diving gear,
- try diving (Discover Scuba Diving - 1,5hr diving introduction session), learn diving (PADI Open Water Diver course),
- advance your skills and licence: starting from Advanced Open Water Diver, checking specialties like: Deep Diving, Diving in Dry Suit, Wreck Diving, Diving with DPV,
- join our trip: we organize diving weekend trips to most popular polish diving sites (for example: Zakrzówek Quarry in Kraków, Koparki Quarry in Jaworzno, Hancza lake - the deepest lake in Poland) . We also organize diving trips abroad.

Course Price Certificate and manual price Additional informations
Discover Scuba Diving 150 - swimming pool entrance and diving gear included
Bubblemaker 100 - swimming pool and diving gear cost included, diving wetsuit and ABC set excluded.
Seal Team 100/1 session - swimming pool and diving gear cost included, diving wetsuit and ABC set excluded.
Open Water Diver 950-1800 300-400 swimming pool and diving gear cost included
Advanced Open Water Diver 700 229-239 air tank and air refilling included
Emergency First Response 400 cost included in course price non diving course of certified emergency first response
Rescue Diver 750 250 air tank and air refilling included
spec. Dry Suit Diver 400 180 swimming pool cost and dry suit rental with accessories included
spec.: Enriched Air Diver 400 180 1 EAN (<36%) refilling included
spec: Wreck Diver 400 180 -
spec. Deep Diver 400 180 -
spec. Diving Propulsion Vehicle Diver 200 180 DPV rental: 200
Underwater Photography 300 180 -
Peak Buoyancy 100/session - swimming pool cost included
Manuals and certicates prices may wary depending on Euro rate.

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